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BDL About me

I have always loved hair.

The tight coils bouncing in the sun, swaying in the wind, and withstanding all weather... but what I didn't like was the time it took to get my hair how I wanted it. Products everywhere, combs, clips, and scarves became my motif. My hair was ruling my life and my time. Enter Sisterlocks. Never have I felt such a sense of peace, than after my establishment. No more layers of products, no more breaking comb teeth.

I was free! 

I wanted to share this newly-found freedom with anyone who would listen, and even went on to get officially certified. I would see the work of others and get discouraged; their patterns were so perfect, how could I compete? It took me two years before I even did my first establishment. Then, one day, I just told myself, "Be scared and do it anyway!". After hundreds of clients, hard work, and perfecting my craft, I continuously strive to meet high standards in the quality of the locs I install. I even earned a nickname! I'm glad I can offer a sense of control back to my clientele on their hair journeys- after all,

Peace Arises From The Crown.

They call me the Grid God!

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